AfricanDiasporaJobs.com: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I post a job ad?

You need an employer account to post jobs on our job board. 

For employers who already have an account, sign in or click on Post a Job   to log into the system and post your jobs. 

If you are a new employer:  Create an account here 

 Once you fill out the new Account form, you will automatically be logged into the Employer portal menu that allows you to post a job opening. 

From the top Employer portal, click on “pricing”, then select the type of job you would like to post such as regular or featured job, make your payment online and finally post your job. 

Enter your job details. When you click on “Save” your job will be immediately posted on the job board. 

You may repeat this process to post your other jobs. When you are done, click on “Account”, then “Logout” to close your session. 


2. Can you post my job for me and invoice me? 

Absolutely. Simply send us your job ad and mention the type of job posting you want (e.g. regular, featured, priority highlighted). Your job will be posted and we will send you a confirmation within 24 hours. There is no extra cost for this service; the posting fees still remain the same. 


3. Job posting rates and payment methods 

To see our regular or promotional job posting rates, please click on the “Pricing” tab on the main menu above. 

To post a job, you first need to purchase “posting credits” online when you log into your employer account. You may pay by credit cards through Paypal, our payment gateway provider. You may also send us your job ad for posting and we will bill you later.

4. Why post your jobs here?

We are primarily dedicated to the advertisement of jobs openings in African countries that target African immigrants (A.K.A African Diaspora) living in Europe, USA, Canada, etc. 

Our web site allows you to reach job candidates who typically are from Africa, know African culture and work environment very well, are educated at top academic institutions abroad and currently live abroad, and are willing to go back to work in Africa. 

General purpose job boards may generate a lot of irrelevant responses. However, by making a targeted job posting with us, you significantly increase your chance of reaching the right candidate, save time and speed up your hiring process. 


5. Length of job posting 

Job ads are displayed longer on our site than on most other job boards, because we understand the unique needs of  African countries. The actual length of ad display is available on the Job Posting Rates page (see Pricing on menu tabs above). 

Expired jobs are inactive, but they are saved into the employer’s account; they are not physically deleted. 

You can check how many candidates viewed your job posting or repost your position when you log into your account. 

Reposting a job ad is free. You may contact us if you need help. 


6. How do I edit my active ads? 

 Log into your account and follow the menu instructions; it is very straightforward.


7. MyPassword is not working
A. You may have your capital letter button on; press to release it and try again.
B.Yourbrowser may be configured to remember passwords and it is replaying an old password. Clear your browser history and try again
C. You may reset your password by clicking on Forgot your Password on the sign in form; enter your email you used to create your account and the system will send you a link to reset your password
D. If you still experience difficulties, feel free to contact us.


8. Do you send spam emails to registered members? 

 ABSOLUTELY NO! We are committed to respecting our customers (employers and job seekers) and we never send you unsolicited annoying mass emails (spam). 

We are so opposed to spam that our business ethic just does not allow us to engage in such practices. 

After all, the main users of this site are highly educated people. 


9. Any other Questions? Do you need help? 

 Feel free to contact us, by clicking on the “contact us” menu option. 

Thank you. 



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