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           Why AfricanDiasporaJobs.com?


AfricanDiasporaJobs.com is a niche job board specialized in job posting targeting the great african talent living abroad, mostly in Europe, USA and Canada.

African Diaspora: An Incredible Workforce

Did you know that the African diaspora is among the highest educated group in most countries where they live?
According to the US census data, African immigrants to the US are the most educated of any groups. Within that group, Nigerians come on top.
With extensive international experience along with a high level of education and many qualifications, the african diaspora is an incredible workforce that could drive the African development.
Still, while most of them would love to go back and serve in Africa, it’s hard to find a place to reach those experts.
AfricanDiasporaJobs.com aims to bridge that gap.

Whether you are an employer that wants to post international development jobs for Africa, or a job seeker that is looking for job vacancies in Africa, you will have advanced job posting features or effective search options when you choose AfricanDiasporaJobs.com as your preferred careers  and job bank.

Information for Employers

As a employer, when you post a job, you want to reach the right candidate(s) and hire the best employee(s) for your institution. And that starts with the right job board.

That’s why we offer you:
1. A specialized job posting board to help you target a preselected pool of qualified candidates and
2. A advanced job posting platform that is fully integrated with most social media platforms, so your jobs are automatically posted on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages to help you reach a bigger and diverse audience

Employers have many options to post your available jobs. After registering on our job board, you will be able to post your available positions at a competitive job posting rate. You will have access to our resume database during the time that your job ad listing is active, and you will have upgrade options such as featured listings or highlighted listings to promote your job.

You will also be able to:
– Manage, preview, delete, edit, or clone jobs from your account page.
– Use screening questionnaires to narrow down potential candidates so you receive application from the best applicants.
– Create sub-accounts to share your account with your co-workers or representatives of your institutions and allow them to post jobs on your behalf
– Manage your applications by using our application tracking system.
To learn more about our various services and costs, visit our job posting pricing.

Information for Job Seekers

If you are a job seeker that is searching for a job in Africa, AfricanDiasporaJobs.com can provide you effective and flexible search tools to land a rewarding position in international development.
When an employer posts a job on our job board, you will be able to apply with just a few simple clicks. Whether you want an executive position, a professional position, a academic position, a research position or an assistant position, we are here to help you make the connection.

Here are just a few options available to you when you register on our site to search for open job postings. You may:

-Post Resumes with links to your portfolio, if applicable
-Apply for Open Positions
-Find Jobs by Category, City, or Company
-Set Alerts and get Available Positions Sent to Your Email
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